BIZARRE X // LOADED FOR BEAR split 12" Agrandir


I really remember the last BIZARRE X shows across Czech Republic on tour with Kent Brockman and Space to Being. Excellent band and wonderfull freaks from Germany. Fourteen new tracks of uncompromising drum'n'bass/grind madness with a typical Spazzation sound. If you dont believe me lets try to buy a copy of this LP and insert the vinyl under the gramophones stylus. That will be a surprise yeah. They are a legendary power-violence band anyway. I can recommended their educated lyrics. 80..s hardcore - 80..s thrash metal - 80..s crossover - 80..s death metal - 80..s grindcore - early 90..s grindcore - 90..s powerviolence - 90..s fastcore. The partner of germanese veterans on this orange twelveinch is american grind-core band, i think that unknown band for many European fastcore/grindcore motherfuckers. The band is called LOADED FOR BEAR from Chicago. Their sound is a monster crash of death metal, hardcore and grindcore – fast heavy spastic loud caustic, whats more?

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Something like a Brutal Truth, Lack of Interest, DropDead, Rotten Sound and many more awesome grind-core/fastcore bands. The lyrics are attacking homophobia, sexism, racism, classism and the myths. Fucking killers stuff with interesting intro tracks. Some copies of this LP will be included new issue of Slap It Down newsletter – free scene info sheet of paper.