COFFINS // XXX MANIAK - split 12" Agrandir

COFFINS // XXX MANIAK - split 12"

Philadelphia’s XXX Maniak’s insidious hooks are recited in the brain even after
creeping through the most resisting of ears. Depravity gains a stronger
foothold with each exposure to the hope draining blasts of violence, hatred, and rape.
Snuff fanatics worldwide have yet to find more execution and perversion in any
so called “goregrind” or “porngrind”. Whether it is your preference to revel in
the blood-soaked glory of it all or denounce the horrendousness of such a vile
offering, XXX Maniak is utterly tasteless and thoroughly hateful. Japan’s
Coffins brings the comforting realization that the apocalypse is near and all
will be swept to oblivion. 20 new tracks!

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Crushing and misanthropic with a doom-laden groove, Coffins is the nihilistic
offspring of old-school death metal. Coffins helps you think straight when
searching for places to bury the recently slain. Don’t wait for death, go to
the cemetery now! 2 tracks including a brutal CATHEDRAL cover. The vinyl pressing
also features the original artowork intended for the cd release. The first 100
mailorder copies are on limited color vinyl. Act fast!