SUFFERING MIND // H.407 - split 12"

This long awaited split was announced 4 years ago - now it's time to put words into flesh. Well known unstopable grindcore machine Suffering Mind fuelled by DIY punk scene from Lublin city this time presents how devastaitng they are on live sets - who saw them at least once knows exactly what to expect from this wax - 14 pieces of unleashed hell! Recorded in Rostock's harbor thanks to awesome Andy of Wojczech and Stubnit's crew! And on the flip side grindcore crust massacre from Poland's
Here you can find 10 totally crushing brutal punk songs that can't be compared to their previous materials. Covers of Shitlickers' "Sprackta Snutskallara" and Stradoom Terror's "Serial Killer" included. Members of H.407 can be found nowadays in S.A.T.A.N, Hellisheaven. 525 copies of heavy 180g
magenta transparent vinyl packed in old school crusty way.

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