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THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN debut gatefold 12"

After 8 years of boog n joogs n rock n roll the Gents finally get their act together for a full-length album. 16 tracks of Yorkshire grindviolence in 20 minutes with heaviest sound to date; dual guitars, piercing screams, 100% natural drums.
“Who are the Afternoon Gentlemen? They are everyone and no-one. As familiar as the midday sun, yet nameless, faceless. They inhabit doorways, alleys and halls in every town, yet they are no-men, invisible, everywhere and nowhere. Like the Tambov wolves, they pass silently in the night. They are the hunger and thirst that sting our bellies, the curses that we cower from and the blessing we dream of. They are ectasy and misery at once, the poison and the cure.” Père G. Bru
Self-titled debut 12” LP 2015. 16 tracks/20 minutes. 500 copies. 180g black vinyl. Gatefold sleeves. Artwork by R Storrow. Recorded at Silent City, Leeds.
released in love with Bones Brigade records and the band.

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