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    Limited to 500 pieces 12 inch transparent orange vinyl with etching on side B packed in a recycled cardboard box. The cover and insert is made by hands of Luisifer. 3 grindcore/powerviolence bands from France and Denmark. (IFG) soon.

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    -New Studio Tracks -1 Mini Poster -Regular Black Wax (BONES BRIGADE)

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    Finnish raw punk from Toulouse/France, 15 tracks of jackets with studs and skull patches, inspired by the spirit of metal... and beers!!! All äpärät!!!

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    Split with Travolta, Powerviolence, Fastcore from Antwerp (Belgium) and GEWOON FUCKING RAGGEN from Rotterdam (Terror Corps) one of Hollands fastest bands at the moment!13 songs (including samples) on a 7"! Oldschool European fastcore style! GFR recorded some BRUJA-like songs which will be released with our songs recorded by Brame Vleesklak. (LONER CULT)...

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    Blast fastcore mixed grind/metal from Liverpool UK.New brutal and violence material of this band which was one of the best on last OBSCENE EXTREME FEST 2013 (in Czech).The singer Reese is very active and was in a band with the drummer from THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN and is also active in other bands such as CONFINE, with the drummer from GET WORSE and the...

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    Bones Brigade Records is always and of course glad to contribute to the progression of LYCANTHROPHY’s discography. Indeed, after the new album, we are back with new songs still contain “stop and go” style, a massive uncompromising rage, but also an ultra aggressive sound under the influence of anger. A split 10” with on B side BLOOD I BLEED, After all...

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    – When hasty Hardcore becomes raging Powerviolence – LØVVE strikes again with a second full-length album full of rage & energy. A perfect mix of break-your-neck riffs & hurried beats. It’s when punk-hardcore fellas are so angry that they play powerviolence. Tours (Fr) hardcore at its finest : Verbal Razor, Sueurs Froides, Ed Warner (RIP),...

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    Comes in red transparent color, Mastering by Dan Swano at Unisound AB. Limited to 500 copies, 100% new tracks of blistering Grindcore (BONES BRIGADE)

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Résultats 1 - 8 sur 8.